The Faith Perceptions blog features articles written by our team. Topics range from trends in churches to the strange things our mystery guests experience while visiting churches. 

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  • why your church should live stream for the holidays

    We’ve entered the month of November, so you know what that means….it’s time to talk about your church’s Christmas ministry. By now, you’ve probably already started thinking about how to welcome first-time guests that may be visiting your church during the holiday season. However, there’s one thing you possibly haven’t thought about to engage people in your Christmas message...Read More

  • Tales of an Unchurched Mystery Guest: Part 2

    The guest reveals…“The way this congregation treated us was one of the most comforting experiences I have ever had with any church.”


    Do you ever wonder why some people visit your church and not return for a second or third visit? Our Mystery Guest Program helps your church see themselves through the eyes of a visitor and can help strengthen your welcoming process so that when a guest does come, they feel welcome, accepted and want to return again... Read More

  • Tales of An "Unchurched" Mystery Guest

    The guest reveals...

    "This is the first church I've ever been to where I felt weird about going to a new church."

    It is not uncommon for a church to see a new face on Sunday or for some churches many new faces.  Do you ever wonder why some people do or don’t return for a second or third visit? We did too. Through our Mystery Guest Program we find people that aren’t regularly attending church and send them to church so that we can learn from their experiences. Each month we feature a unique guest experience. 

    Here are the first impressions of a 30-yr. old “unchurched” female who attended church services at a church in Louisiana...Read More

  • Guest information: A more effective way to collect their experience

    This is the second post in a two-part series. In our first post, we discussed why church sign-in books are ineffective at collecting guest information. In summary, they're limited to space, people forget to pass them around, and visitors may not want to broadcast their contact information to everyone. For these, and many other reasons, we recommend ditching the sign-in book in favor of something more meaningful: a connect card. One of our unchurched mystery guests visited a church and told us...Read More

  • 3 reasons to stop using a church sign-in book

    For decades, churches have passed around a sign-in book to take attendance and collect contact information from their guests. If you’re one of those churches, you may have wondered whether there is a better method for getting this information.  There is. But first, here are three reasons you should ditch your church sign-in book in favor of a more effective alternative...Read More

  • 5 things you can do to make your church website more welcoming to visitors

    Thanks to all the technology at our fingertips, people are more likely to check out a business or organization’s website before they ever step foot in their physical location. This means potential visitors are scoping out your church website and using the information they find there to decide whether or not they want to visit...Read More

  • 3 ways to honor the whole family this mother's day

    Mother’s Day is one of the most highly attended holidays, coming in third behind Easter and Christmas. Why is it such a popular holiday to attend church? One probable reason is many moms tell their family all they want for Mother’s Day is to have everyone attend worship together. Another is it’s a simple, yet meaningful way to honor mom. Although most churches do a great job of honoring moms on this holiday, they fail to make the whole family feel welcome. Fortunately, you can honor moms while also honoring the rest of their family...Read More

  • the do's and don'ts of church announcements

    Church announcements are an essential component for building and sustaining your church community, but there’s a right and wrong way to do them. Over the years, we’ve seen multiple complaints about lengthy or irrelevant announcements in our mystery guest reports...Read More

  • 6 ways to boost post-easter engagement

    You probably already know Easter is the highest-attended church service of the year. Hopefully you’ve prepared your church and website to ensure guests can easily find you this Easter and that they feel welcome when they attend your services. If you don’t have a proper follow-up plan in place, however, attendance will drop again in the weeks that follow. To keep guests and non-regulars coming back for more, create and implement a follow-up strategy using the suggestions below... Read More

  • How to Make Your Church Easier to Find this Easter

    Easter is the highest-attended church service each year and Google searches for “church” spike in the weeks leading up to the holiday. People that don’t attend regularly but try to show up on holidays and special occasions will go looking for a church nearby. Your church could be exactly what they need on Easter and beyond, but will they be able to find you online? Moreover, will they find the information they need to feel comfortable coming to your church? If not, consider the steps below to make your church easy to find and attractive to newcomers this Easter… Read More

  • 3 reasons to add a parking ministry to your first impressions ministry

    Unless you have a church with multiple parking lots, people don’t typically need help finding a place to park when they’re arriving for Sunday worship. As a result, most churches often lack a parking lot ministry and fail to recognize the impact and influence it can have on both their regularly attending members and guests...Read More

  • 3 Things Your Church Greeters are Doing Wrong & How to Improve Your Greeters’ Ministry

    “The person who handed me the bulletin actually did not greet me, which I thought was very odd. The children’s minister came over to me and introduced herself, which was very welcoming, but she was the only one who interacted with me before the service. I thought that the greeter should have at least said hello to me and welcomed me.” – Faith Perceptions Mystery Guest...Read More

  • 8 things a visitor wants to see on your church website

    My daughter recently asked if she could attend a Christian outreach event. Since this event wasn’t affiliated with our church (and she’s notorious for lacking answers to basic questions like “Who’s in charge?” and “Where do they meet?”), I did what most parents today do: I went to the church’s website and social media pages looking for information. Unfortunately, I came up empty handed…Read More

  • The top 5 best & worst things that happened at churches in 2017

    For the past 10 years, churches have hired us to find people who don’t regularly attend services to visit as first-time guests. The goal: to help churches see things through the eyes of a visitor. In the last year alone, we read over 1,000 first-time guest experiences at churches of all sizes, from small to mega, in every part of the country, and every denomination...Read More