How We're Different

All things are not created equal and it’s pretty easy these days to say you’re different even when you’re not.

We gathered the thoughts and opinions of first-time guests at churches through our Mystery Guest Program for over a decade. Armed with 11,000 pieces of data that provide insight into what makes someone feel welcome and what doesn’t, we are the only firm that has conducted this level of research in the church’s mission field with a focus on the unchurched - because their opinions are usually the least biased

Whether we're consulting on hospitality, speaking to a group, or training your team, we remain focused on hospitality and getting guests to come back because that's where we can make the greatest impact. We are dedicated to providing our clients with information and recommendations that help them reach people in their mission field.

Our Core Values

People matter to God and they matter to us.

We are honest. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear and it can be tempting to sugar coat it, but not hearing it makes things even harder in the long run. 

You can depend on us. It can be exhausting to work with people you can't count on to do what they promise.


We are continually assessing how we can better serve our clients without wasting resources.


There is usually more than one way to solve any problem, and we're not threatened by that.  We're teachable, adaptable, and collaborative.