Focus Groups and Surveys

We use focus groups and surveys to gather information in order to prevent problems, help you make the best decisions, and to address concerns.

For instance:

Maybe there are parents who are grappling with the concern that their kids aren’t growing spiritually in their weekly youth group gatherings. There isn’t any form of communication from leaders to parents. Parents want to share their concerns with the leaders, but they don’t want to hurt their feelings. Eventually, they decide to try out another church where they feel their kids can get connected and grow spiritually and they never come back.


There might be a growing number of people in attendance each week at the traditional service. Church leaders wonder why the contemporary service they started almost a year ago isn’t also taking off. Is it at the wrong time? Is it playing the wrong music? Or is there something else?


Is it time to launch another site for your church? What exactly are the needs of your community? Why are giving and volunteering down?

Research doesn’t mean you’re looking to see if everyone agrees with you…it's seeking to understand how things really are.

Demographic reports and anecdotal evidence can help, but will only take you so far. In order to make the best decisions, you need solid, unbiased research. Surveys gather the important information you’ll need in order to make the best decisions for your ministry - and can work with any number of respondents.  Focus groups are conducted with small groups and can either answer your questions or let you know which questions are important to ask in a survey.  We'll help you decide which is best for your situation.

“Great leaders listen to voices outside their own systems. We have used Faith Perceptions from its inception and we find it to be important, valuable information that we just can’t gather on our own and expect it to be valid. The reports are particularly helpful in evaluating hospitality, worship and children’s ministry. I highly recommend Faith Perceptions to any church or denomination interested in reaching the unchurched.” -  Bob Farr, Director of Congregational Excellence

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