Hospitality Consulting

Engage and follow up with guests in a meaningful way.

When you’re learning how to drive, they tell you to always check your blind spot. Most people don’t continue that practice though. Failing to check your blind spot before you change lanes can be disastrous because you don't have all the information.

In the programming and planning of church services, it’s easy to overlook how people new to the church are welcomed and provided with information. And when that gets forgotten, so do the very people you planned the service for in the first place. 

We can come on-site to help you uncover the blind spots that keep people from fully engaging and participating. Then we'll help you create a welcoming and well-structured process that allows you to engage and connect with your visitors.

While we're there, we will...

  • Visit your church, attend your services, and observe your current welcoming process and environments
  • Perform a signage study of what first-time guests encounter from the street to the seat
  • Review your collateral materials (the things you hand out to guests)
  • Identify where people may be slipping through the cracks or feeling ignored

After we leave, we will generate a comprehensive report for you with an optimal hospitality process for your church and hold a conference call with you to review our findings and recommendations for improvement.

We'll will leverage over a decade of experience based on our Mystery Guest Program, and when you partner with Faith Perceptions, you’ll know precisely what needs to be improved and how you can improve it!

"The Program was very thorough and we appreciate the hands on approach of the company’s employees. The onsite visit and final report exposed so much about our ministry and the potential for growth that a number of employees now have goals tied to implementing the recommendations this year. We truly believe that we are now on the right track, and it is because of the internal assessment as well as the external assessment through our participation of the Program. As we continue to improve our ministry, we look forward to partnering with Faith Perceptions in other aspects."

- Michelle S. Burney, Faith Chapel Christian Center, Birmingham, AL

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