The Mystery Guest Program

The Mystery Guest Program (aka mystery shopping for churches, mystery worshipers, secret church shoppers) uses everyday people from near and around your community who aren’t regularly attending church. Those people will attend a service at your church and help you discover exactly what first-time visitors think and feel about their experience. Rather than focus on theology, they focus on community. Did they feel welcome? Were they made to feel uncomfortable in any way? Could they find the church easily? And would they consider returning - or not - and why. Understanding the answers to these questions is key to improving the way you welcome and connect with your visitors. 

If you want to find out what a guest experiences when they visit your church, contact us today to get started! You can also visit our FAQ page for more information. 

Get Answers:

  • Are you friendly to visitors?
  • Does your signage help a guest get to where they want to go?
  • How well is your church known in the community?
  • Do visitors feel welcome in your church?
  • How easy is it for a guest to get information about your church?
  • Does Mr. Smith still tell visitors that they're in his seat?


  • If you are truly engaging people and providing a welcoming experience.
  • Your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • What rubs visitors the wrong way.
  • Whether your new service style is working for people (or not.)
  • If the average first-time guest would return.

When you're ready to start, we will...

  • Hire numerous local, primarily unchurched, people to visit your church as a first-time guest (don’t worry - we won’t send them all on one weekend!)
  • They will attend your church services anonymously and complete a survey about their experience.
  • After we’ve completed our study, we will put together a comprehensive report based on the mystery guests’ feedback and hold a conference call with you to discuss the results.

When we're finished, you'll know what your church’s strengths and opportunities are and what next steps you’ll need to take to improve the experience for future guests.


  • See your church through the eyes of the very people you are trying to reach
  • Discover if you are truly making people feel welcome
  • Know if you are communicating effectively or if you are leaving people confused about how to get involved
  • Find out whether people want to return to your church (or not) and why

About the Mystery Guests

Our mystery guests are everyday people that live in or near your community. We primarily use people who are not attending church anywhere on a regular basis because their opinions are the ones you need to hear most. Mystery guests aren’t afraid to tell us their honest thoughts because they get to remain anonymous.

Mystery Guest Packages

We have packages available for small churches, mega churches, and every size in between. We can customize a package to ensure that you are getting what works best for your church. We will recommend different packages depending on the church size, number of services, location, etc. Contact us to determine which package is best for your church.

Have more questions? We'll answer them. Contact us directly or visit our FAQ page (or both!)

We'd love to hear from you.

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